Second Semester 2015/2016 academic year

The current Semester end on Friday, 9th July, 2016. Holidays begin from 10th July, 2016.  However, third year students are to report back to Campus on Monday, 11th July, 2016 to complete the last session of their programme.

Meanwhile, application is opened for interested students to apply for admission into the college the 2016/2017 academic year. Application closes by July, 2016. For more information, contact 0201403158/0244449272

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3 Responses to Second Semester 2015/2016 academic year

  1. Richard Amoateng says:

    Hey, what is the best way to reach your old college pals these days in Ghana? I’m in the states and is hard.

  2. EFUI S.K NUGLOZE says:

    The English ‘are to have reported’ suggests a change in date. Please pass on the information considering …………….. so we don’t get confused. Thanks. Concerned parent. Successful semester wishes.

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